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Unlike larger orthodontic practices, every patient at Harmony Orthodontics has the pleasure of being treated by Dr Manaf herself from placement of the first braces to removal of the last, rather than having assistants oversee their entire procedure.


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Our modern and relaxing practice is located in the heart of Riverton, however Dr Manaf also operates as an orthodontist at a practices in Narrogin, servicing this area each one day per fortnight. Our team of professional, experienced, and friendly health care practitioners are passionate about helping patients of all ages achieve the straighter, more stunning, and confident smile they deserve!

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Why you should visit a
Specialist Orthodontist

A less-than-perfect smile isn’t just an aesthetic issue. Did you know crooked teeth or a misaligned bite can also cause functionality problems and poor oral health due to difficulties with proper brushing?

This is why it’s vital to visit a professional orthodontist who is highly trained and experienced within all areas of orthodontics for treatments such as braces, Invisalign, or expanders. Just like a general dentist, orthodontists must undertake the regular degree of dentistry at university, however they then go on to study orthodontics for a further 3 years followed by supervision, to specialise in this field.

Don’t settle for second-best.

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